Customer Care Service Standards

We are commited to serving our customers, let us tell you how.

We will:

•Try to answer your letter or email within ten working days

•Use clear and plain English at all times; and

•Provide a contact name and a phone number on our correspondence.


                                        Visiting You


If you cannot visit our reception, we can arrange to visit you.


If we visit you we will:

•Tell you in advance of the time and date of our visit;

•Arrive at your property on time

•Listen to you and give you advice or options on how to deal with your query; and

•Aim to make information available that meets your needs.

                                    Your Tenancy

We will:

•Give you a phone number for queries about your tenancy;

•Give you the name of the housing officer managing your property

•Monitor your tenancy and advise you of any problems including any rent you may owe

•Tell you how we are performing against our targets.

We will provide information:


•Online at

•By post with your rent statement

Pathfinder Housing Association Standards


Pathfinder Housing Association is staffed by highly trained and motivated professionals, who are capable of addressing any issues raised by tenants in a prompt manner in order to achieve the best possible resolution. We are a tenant led organisation delivering prompt responses to any issues raised, our tenants satisfaction is a priority of Pathfinder Housing Association.